Green-life Design Co., Ltd possesses the capacity in research, development and innovation to meet the needs of the international market. We strive to offer heart-felt products which are attractive, creative, functional and valuable.

In order to supply superior Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser, we entrust Quanzhou Qingyi Co. to handle the production, inspection and transportation of our order, Qingyi is one of the largest professional manufacturer & exporter with ISO9001 Audit in mainland China, and have plenty experiences more than 40 years specializing in different home appliances,gifts, holiday & seasonal crafts, home and garden decoration etc.

Through this way, we sure we can make more excellent services for you, not only marketable style, but also better quality at prompt shipment with favorable price, which will keep your customers come back for more!


WindsonGM & CDO

To be successful in design only need three things: Obsession, Obsession, Obsession.

In childhood, music and painting are my biggest two hobbies. Since sophomore at primary school, I can help teachers teach schoolmates singing. In junior high school, my father told me that I can only choose one of them to continue, because the family hadn’t so much money, I chose to draw. I study Chinese traditional painting more than ten years, I love painting, but in that era, a young painter is difficult to feed himself with painting. A chance, I see someone painting by PHOTOSHOP, I was deeply attracted. I never touched the computer at that before, my English was also very poor, but I told myself I can learn well. Since then I self-studied PHOTOSHOP, AI and 3DSMAX etc., although very hard, but there are endless fun. Later, I designed many companies’ logo, posters, booths, stores and exhibition halls and so on. Then later, in helping friend to design export products with 3DSMAX, I fell in love with different styles from different country. Now, I have two companies, one main display and exhibition design, the other specializing product design and export them. The learned music and painting help me a lot, so I can do my works easily.

I love design, I hope my design can travel all over the world.

YoyoDesign Team
Less is More!
Less diversion, more focus; Less thoughts, more practices; Less rigidity, more creativity.
TigerDesign Team
Easier said than done!
Well done is better than well said, I study, I do!
NingDesign Team
Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.
CallineOperation Manager
Your world is as large as your heart will go. I try everything to chase my dream.
RainbowCustomer Success Team
I am possible.
I believe myself, as far as I want, I can get anywhere.
BertCustomer Success Team
Nothing seek , nothing find.
I seek change, success, and love, I DO, I WILL!
DaisyCustomer Success Team
Every little helps a mickle.
Changing the world has to start from small things, I I pay attention to every inquiry every small order.
StefanieCustomer Success Team
What you do never ever useless.
Today is for tomorrow for future, I enrich myself everyday.